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Working in boarding schools can be very isolating and stressful and the most amazing place in the world.

Boarding Yana

You live at work, so you do not really get a break from what is going on. It is like living in a goldfish bowl. In all senses of the word.

The person that you are at the start of term, is never the same at the end of term. It can take a good couple of days to recover from the term that was. When it is time to go back, the last two nights sleep can be disturbed by ‘professional’ insomnia as term starts.

Being well in your boarding world, for you and your family, takes a lot. So, boarding practitioner- it is time for change the Boardingology way. It is time for you to embrace the power of Boarding Yana.

Because, you are not alone anymore and can unleash the power of an amazing boarding network, people like you.

Boarding world needs Yana

The boarding world needs Yana. Boarding Yana needs you.

Boarding world needs Yana

Stronger together. Investing together. It is time to turn ideas into impact.

Boarding world needs Yana

It is time to open the door to Boarding Yana because your future is in your hands.

Boarding world needs Yana

Can these be put round it and the word YANA inside it? It should read by the open door - This is Yana

This is what’s next.

The only shoes that you can walk in are your own. With compassion, courage and understanding we can all walk together side by side.

You bring your drive to succeed.

Boardingology will bring everything else.

Investing in our future

Having people on your side

Helping people

Opening doors

Everything you need

Where it starts

Going further

Making connections


Being well

Yana support


When things do not go so well, who is in your corner?

For the first time ever, boarding wellbeing is at the top of the agenda. We are proud to introduce WAPS and WRAPS into the boarding world – tailormade to you. Personal Wellbeing Action Plans (WAP) and Wellbeing Recovery Action Plans ( WRAPS) are here to stay in our boarding world. So behind closed doors , you are able to stay well and live well in your boarding world


Yana support


It is time to open the door from where you are to where you want to be.

Happy in your boarding life? It is a simple question. Only you really know the answer. If the answer is no, well you know what you need to do next. You need to do something about it.

Define your ‘me criteria’ in a safe independent space to open door to what you want to be, do and have.

Are you ready?


Yana support


We are stronger together, so why are we working in isolation.

It is time for all of us to stand together as boarding practitioners. Together as one. One community of people who say that no one should be left behind.

The Boarding Yana Network is here and it is crossing all countries. Learn who you are + get inspired + take action = happiness and success.

It is new. It is needed. We need you to build everyone’s tomorrow. Are you in?