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YANA 2020

A space for you to learn from the best to be the best in your boarding world. Doors open 2020 in your pivotal moment, but are you ready to take the first step?

Why has boarding YANA been created?

Behind closed doors is your personal world that is affected daily by your lifestyle choice working in boarding.

At these times, you could feel lonely or lost when things are changing and you do feel that you have someone to talk to independent of your boarding world. On the one hand, you know that you need to reach out for support, but on the other you do not want to be the focus of school gossip or be part of the school politics that is affecting all areas your life.

Boarding YANA is an answer to this call to support boarding practitioners move forward in a space away from the house. Yana embraces the pivotal moments where boarding and life meet to provide a space for you, online or in person, when you have the time to focus on yourself rather than the whole boarding community you are leading.

YANA is a private, safe space and supportive community where you can post questions, share challenges, support each other, celebrate wins and gain insight from other members. You’ll learn from each others’ experiences and realise that you are not alone, no matter what you are going through in your boarding world.

There is a huge value to having the support  and encouragement of others who are facing similar challenges and opportunities, and who are equally interested in advancing their careers and improving their lives as you are. Discover insights from other boarding practitioners who may have taken the steps you need to or are ready to listen and support you moving forward.

Boarding Yana

Why use your ‘pivotal’ boarding moments?

When the boarders go home and the time is your own. This is your time to reflect, act and make a change when you are well rested and have some time to invest in yourself.

You just have to venture out, capture the moment and change one thing. These “lucky breaks” –  are the ones that help you move forward.

Boarding YANA tips

What you get when you join us

  • A boarding getaway to a new place where you can move forward in a space where your time is your own.
  • One days personal development training from the boardingologist.
  • A chance to facilitate a session to other boarding practitioners or be part of our human library day to help other practitioners.
  • Unlimited access to Boarding YANA tips, tracks and trainings to improve your skills to take your boarding life to the next level.
  • Access to our private , safe and supportive community where you can post questions, share challenges, gain insights from other boarding practitioners and celebrate your wins.

When is this happening ?

Boardingology SuccessStarting 2020 the doors are open.

Some charges apply for these events which will be specified on your final details. Our first dates are here, if you are ready to open the door to more at the start of this decade, contact us to book your place .

You are not alone… anymore!


Online webinar bookings open one month before the published date. Limited spaces available.

Boarding YANA – let’s get this party started. A new year, but does this mean a new boarding you!! Start your year the right way.

2 January 2020 at various times

3 January 2020 at various times

These sessions are bookable on Eventbrite. Further dates will be released on 21st December 2019 – it may be the shortest day of the year but signing up could give you a huge impact.

Face To Face

UK at the start, but other countries to follow. If you do not live in the UK, please join in our online opportunities

February Half Term

Hello Bristol, Birmingham, London and Cardiff.

  • 11th February – London
  • 12th February – Bristol
  • 13th February – Birmingham
  • 15th February – Cardiff

These sessions are booking through Eventbrite.

Further dates will be released on 21st December 2019.