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Experience a new way to connect in your boarding world

A global boarding smart space- how exciting.

Meet and learn from our boarding neighbours! Tailormade courses on line, the wait is over. This is your moment, your moment to make an impact.

We are stronger together, so why are we not connecting across the world to share expertise and deliver better experiences for everyone.

Each association has it’s own conferences and opportunities to network. When I travelled the boarding world opening the doors of Boardingology at different conferences to unleash my vision – I learned one thing.  Different country, but same conversations about wellbeing , career management and making a difference to the young people in your care. When I wrote Boardingology, it was with a global perspective with the countries that I had lived in bearing in mind all of the conversations I had along the way.

Are you ready to put your unique combination of skills and knowledge into practice, and with our Boardingology virtual spaces you’ll get a one of a kind opportunity to develop new ways of thinking, creating and doing.  Surrounded by inspiring boarding peers, great boarding thinking and supportive voices in our virtual boarding community; take charge of your future, and make a difference from day one of joining us

Connect in your boarding world

Learn it today. Share and use it tomorrow.

One moment can make a big difference.

What virtual smart spaces are on offer?

Our doors open October 2019...


It is time to open the door to personal development your way.

At home, in your own time we offer a selection of webinars to help you move forward in our boarding world.

From career management, keeping in touch days and wellbeing- we answer the questions you need to build strong foundations.

Webinars run all year and recordings are available just in case you are on duty.


First there was the book, now we have open house any day of the year, anywhere in the world.

Step into the world of personal development with your success at the heart of everything that we do.

Each module is tailormade with you in mind with online coaching provided by the boardingologist. Modules are personalised, added monthly with personal challenges to increase your boarding mojo and wellbeing.

Get in touch for the latest details.