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Don’t call it an exeat, were just getting started!

Come and be the difference here.

Unfollow the crowd. We dare you !

Boardingology Success

Making a difference starts with doing things a little bit differently.

Actually, a lot differently. A boardingology smart space is where you’ll learn to use your heart as much as your head, to powerfully lead by passionately serving others, and where you’ll prepare to get the most important house in order – yours. Ultimately it’s where you’ll learn to BE THE DIFFERENCE in the most important world – YOURS !

There is only one way to get the answers- ask the questions

Why should I attend a course out of term time?

Let’s be honest - investing in yourself when term is in would not be the way that you want it. Your boarding day runs you, your feelings and behaviours – and as I have found when you want to do something a big giant curve ball appears!!

When you are on a course , you can’t always give 100% as you are wondering what is happening or what you will be going back to... including sometimes the grumpy people who have been asked to cover for you!

Did I get it right?

One space - can that really work for me? Let's see.

Let’s look at the impact of a space…

Impossible  >  I'm possible

Opportunity is nowhere!  >  opportunity is now here!

What do you think? Does a space work for you?

Think about how you felt at the end of last term or half term – the real you came out didn’t it! You can be yourself here, making a plan to build your tomorrow your way.

The choice is yours. You can make plans in your space, work out how to use them during term time and away you go …..

From what if I to yes I can… open the door to more. You deserve it !

One space - can that really work for me?

What spaces are on offer

What spaces are on offer

Without boarding walls Your time belongs to you.

Use it wisely. Offered during half terms only. Your world is different when boarders leave. It is about a day your way to get ahead before the next term starts.

It is time to sign in for success and ditch the minimum standards. What could you do?

What spaces are on offer

Extended spaces for renovation, rebuilding and extensions.

Offered during the Christmas and Easter holidays only. These courses give you the opportunity to build from the ground up in terms of wellbeing and career management.

From starting the new year right, to being your own wellbeing champion. Your time is now.

What spaces are on offer

Boardings Big Exeat Summer opportunities and adventures ( because we know that you can get bored… and will start working on the next school year early!)

When outside hirers are in, you have time to invest in yourself. Having a day away is great as you can’t see and hear what is going on.

We start with a review of your year together and then personalise the course offerings to you. Join us for a summer like no other..