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Retreats 2020

Where the lines between boarding and life are blurred. Join us at a Boarding YANA retreat to open the door to more. It is time to renovate, rebuild and extend your house when the boarders are away.

Time and space to work on your future...

Lights out, Dreams out

Living on the boarding extra mile is tough. It is a place where no two days are the same yet you are travelling through time like everyone else. We are all time poor during term time and these retreats allow you to have the ‘break’ you need and still move forward to design the future that you want.

Boarding practitioner, is this you ?

I know you are so wrapped up in your boarding life, taking care of others, running your life (or your career) that you rarely (if ever) make proper  time to take care of yourself. Maybe, you are the exception, and have the resources and time to indulge, however, you are in need of some inspiration, motivation and guidance on your journey to living a more fulfilling, and balanced life.  

How do I know? Well, this is the story of many boarding practitioners- including me before I started my personal development journey. These retreats are designed especially for boarding practitioners like you using my experience, knowledge and life lessons.  Allow ME to take care of you in the way you normally take care of everyone else. So, how can Boardingology help you?

What is Boarding costing you?

Health, relationships, wellbeing ….

Mid career and feeling stuck?

Will you ever get ahead?

What is feeling stuck costing you?

Burnout or advancement?

Which will come first in your world?

Is this what you really want?

Achieved on the outside, but what about the inside?

How are you, really,  boarding practitioner?

Banking on a boarding miracle

If only? What if...?

Deal with what is real, while building your tomorrow.

Need a new stepping stone for success?

What is your story?

Do you need a space to create a new ending?

You need some space... a space to reflect, refine and refresh.

Are you ready to turn your current uncertainty into a new opportunity?

If so, read on and join us in our first ever Boarding Yana Retreats. Maybe it is time for your boarding getaway.

Why join us?

When boarding hours turn into life hours during holidays, sometimes it can be difficult to switch off.

You lose your routines and community spirit when term is out and sometimes you spend time reflecting on the ‘what if ‘ and start running through the term in your mind. You need space to reflect, redefine and refresh – where the only minimum standards are your own.

What else do you get ?

Boardingology - Why join us?



Step out of your boarding day to day routine to gain clarity and vision



Collaborate with like minded boarding practitioners motivated for change



Personal development for professional growth

A Getaway


These are hosted in different locations around the UK. A new space and environment for you to start your new journey



Take a step back to look at YOUR bigger picture and gain inspiration



Explore, experience and enjoy. If you are allergic to post it notes… please think twice about joining us

What we offer?

Two days for you to stop, look, listen… and plan.

An extended boardingology smart space to gain perspective, create distance and immerse yourself in new environments that help you become more productive and happy in a boarding world. Stay an extra day and be a tourist in a new place or just to reflect on your next move to put your YOU-niqueness into building your future.

Check out the details here add in Boarding Smart Space Brochure.

Building tomorrow



Early career retreats for boarding practitioners to move forward. What is your vision? Do you have the time to find it ?



Boarding power couple, you are stronger together. What if you set your paths together in a quiet space?



Moving in or up – are your ready to step back to move forward. Whatever you are coming back into boarding from, why not spend two days getting the right start.



A space to grow, develop and move forward. This retreat is based on my work as a Leading Women in Education Coach.

It is a first ever for boarding!

Doors open 30th December 2019- just in time for the new year.

Online options are available for each retreat if you want to work from home.

You are more than boarding, but in todays changing  boarding landscape, what is the cost of inaction for you? If you are ready to put the ‘i’ into your boarding life, save the date or contact us to be sent details as soon as they are released.