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Is there an elephant in your room?

An elephant in your boarding house? No, it is not a weekend activity, a new house pet or joke!

A family of elephants coming in one by one during a house or staff meeting?

When you gather your community together, as the saying goes, an elephant in the room that no-one is talking about?

If as a boarding practitioner you were to answer this question honestly, in the vast majority of communities the answer would be YES. No doubt you have heard the saying about the elephant in the room, the issue, situation, or problem no one wants to talk about or deal with, but one that everyone knows is there. So many elephants in our boarding world... support staff underperforming so that you are not able to have your ‘full’ time off, conflict simmering between team members at different levels, not feeling supported with personal issues, being passed over for a promotion or difficult conversations that are being put off just because it is too... well difficult! But whatever the elephant may be, its impact is always the same. It harms you, your community and the wellbeing of all.

Now think about your boarding life at this point in time. Is there an elephant in your life, an issue, situation, or problem you do not want to deal with, but know it is there and needs your attention and action?

  • What is the elephant in your life you have been ignoring? Be honest!
  • Do you have more than one crying for your attention? If so, which needs immediate attention? Prioritize!
  • What are the consequences of not managing the elephant? What would happen if you let the elephant run amuck?

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To move forward, it time to address the elephant that you have and confront the full impact that the elephant trampling unchecked is having – on your wellbeing, team morale and the community that you live in. Next, allow yourself for a moment to visualise a future where you have fully and successfully addressed and resolved the elephant in the room.

Envisage the positive impact that has on you, your boarding team and community. Because when there’s an elephant in the room that no-one is talking about - it is actually action, not talking, that makes the difference.

Whether you have one elephant in your life or a herd stomping around for attention, it is time for you stop being pushed around.

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Boardingology - Resources


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Boardingology - Resources


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