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Open the door to a new boarding resource to create climate change in your community .

Now, what could that be?

Boardingology - Be you!

No, it is not an invisibility cloak! Its something visible for you to grow your community.

As part of our commitment to boarding climate change and sustainability, we continue to innovate one idea at a time to make an impact in your world. Success seldom comes to those who do things the same way they always have, and then sit back and relax. How it has always been done- is done. It is time to unfollow the crowd and join us in our journey.

It is time to embrace the power of one that started the Boardingology journey. What one resource do we have that can help you right now? Watch this space for updates.


A human message for members of your community.

One smile. One card. One moment.

It is time to empower your community and a child in need.

Why did I design a range of cards for Boarding Schools?

As part of my mission to make one change to improve the wellbeing of boarding staff I wrote about Boarding Mothers day / Fathers day in my first book.

In 2016, I took action with my team and spent 3 hours trying to find a card that would be special for them. I did not find one so had to go with a picture image and handwritten message inside. It was a shock to my team to receive a card as they had never had something like this before; but they were very happy.

I then decided that there should be a range of cards for leaders to say 'Thank You' for all their contributions in the house. I did a Richard Branson and wrote all my ideas down in a book and then got to work. What you see today is the work of an amazing designer who took my drawings of an eight year old and turned them into something that I am sure you will agree is beautiful.

Are cards not going out of fashion?

As long as there are humans in this world, cards are appropriate.

I have not seen any research about robots running boarding houses!! Leaders are busy, but people need to understand that emails can be clicked and deleted. What is your most prized item as a teacher or boarding practitioner? Yes, it is the cards that students give to you to say thank you. Getting a handwritten note of thanks is a gift in itself. When I get a card, I am excited to open it, someone has taken time to choose one and send a message.

Improving wellbeing is all about how people feel. Going back to basics and sending a handwritten card shows you care and value the contribution your team has made. This small gesture will brighten up their day and your actions can have a far greater impact that you can imagine.

Be the change in the boarding world today and say thank you to your team.

Yes, it's new. Yes, it is needed. Be the leader with the element of surprise this year… add The Boarding Collection to your budget and increase your staff wellbeing the Boardingology Way. Leave a legacy with a pen not an email. In addition, a contribution from each card goes to charity to help young people access boarding.

Whether it is moving into boarding, increasing wellbeing of your team one card at a time or saying bye, our new catalogue for the next school year is out soon. Contact us now to measure your success in smiles.

View some of the card designs...

Click to view the PDFS

Boarding Mothers Day Card

Boarding Fathers Day Card

Boarding Matron Thank you Card


Boardingology - The Future

Play the game. Have some fun... yes we did say fun.

A set of cards to make your staff meetings go wild!

Self assessment, strategic planning and just having fun – are your ready to be the fun manager?

But, can you play snap with you and your colleagues thoughts?

Contact us for details.