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It’s time to invest in you

As a boarding professional, we invest many hours in other people.

It is now time to invest in you.

Boardingology recognises that in our lifestyle choice there is not much time for personal development when school is in.

During term time, our days off are rest days  so that we are at peak performance to meet the challenges of the other 5 or 6.

However, to lead and give values to others you must first be able to lead yourself.

i.boarding is an important asset for boarding professionals wanting to improve their life. Everyone needs a little help to make changes or be inspired in our 24-7 lifestyle choice.

Working in boarding for many years, Tracy asked herself “How can I inspire boarding staff on a bigger scale to help themselves?“. I know that for you to be successful in your career or life, you need to invest in a special person. As such, we provide independent relevant information, tools and resources to improve every area of your journey in the land of boarding.

iboarding issue 6So, i.boarding was born - the only personal development magazine for boarding staff around the world.

i.boarding is a termly magazine. Once you take time to invest in yourself, you will be surprised what you can achieve! I was.

We always have time for coffee - so how about a magazine to go with it.

A major investment to build your tomorrow

If you want to be telling a different story next school year.

Sign upSIGN UP for Boardings Big Exeat. Two days in the holidays just for you.

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All profits from this event go to charities that support young people access boarding.

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