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There is no secret to success here.

Old ways will not open new doors.

But, together we can open the door to so much more ?

"If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door."

Milton Berle

There were many boarding doors on my journey to which I found no key. For you, it may be the same.

The keys came by reading, learning and getting support from other people.  From there, like me-  you can continue to unlock success, wellbeing and new opportunities.

Boardingology has opened the doors for boarding practitioners to be, do and have more of the life that they want. For some, they have not stepped through the Boardingology door yet. But, I am now standing at a new door – and as hard as I try I am not able to unlock the full potential of what is behind.

This is where I need YOU. We all have boarding experience, we all have stories to share and we can all use our voices to shape the future of boarding practitioners around the world.

  • Behind this door is the experience and support of boarding practitioners around the world. 
  • Behind this door is boarding climate change.
  • Behind this door is empowerment, connection and future shaping conversations.
  • Behind this door is YOU –  and you being part of the first ever boarding professional wellbeing network.

It is time to open the door that will not be shut to secure the future of boarding practitioners around the world.

The possibilities are exciting, aren’t they ?

YANA Network

Boarding Yana

What is the Boarding YANA network?

Connection | Collaboration | Contribution

This is the first ever global network of boarding practitioners collaborating together in different aspects of boarding life. Great things come from learning together and conversations.

We can all learn from each other, but until now many of us have been working in isolation. What happens in a boarding school in one country may not be shared with others. I learned so much from attending Boarding School Association conferences around the world – and now it is time to connect with our common mission in mind.

Our mission is to support each other so that no boarding practitioner is left behind while building the next generation to be successful in an everchanging world.

Boarding Yana

Why has this been set up?

Boarding can be isolating, stressful but also the most amazing job in the world. Boarding well can be a challenge at different areas of your career - and this is where we are stronger together and can make an impact to help each other.

It is a pledge to embody the change you want to see in our boarding world. So much experience is held behind closed doors whether that be in a different country or just next door!

One boarding practitioner somewhere else may hold the key for you to move forwards. Whether you move countries, need some support to move up or out – it is time to be part of a community that changes lives.

Boarding Yana

How will it happen?

The doors open in August 2019, with the first modules, question of the month and boarding mojo challenges ready to go. You need to sign up to be part of our community, so complete the form below to be put on the boarding difference maker lists.

Boarding YANA needs YOU and maybe YOU need Boarding YANA. Become a founding member, use your voice and experience to help others. Join us as we inspire conversations, take action and create change!

This is where boarding climate change and sustainability starts.

This is Boarding YANA.