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Boarding 2020

Our strategy. One Word. YANA.

You are not alone anymore boarding practitioners... it is time for change. Building success... one conversation, one practitioner at a time.

Does your community have a 2020 vision or a 20/20 vision?

Are they the same or different?

You may have done your school improvement plan or created a 2020 vision to position your boarding community in turbulent times.

However, Boardingology has a 20/20 vision through a new lense – the eyes of front line boarding practitioners around the world. 20/20 vision is used to describe eyesight – the normal eyesight to see what is happening around you. With no corrective glasses or contact lenses, your eyes see the day to day boarding life that you live. However, what meaning do you attach to what you see?

What do you see through others eyes that can help us move forwards and what are you, choosing or otherwise, not to see happening in our boarding world. Is your vision, emotions and all, sharper or are you blind to what is needed to change?

Boarding in 2020

A new decade opens a new door with a set of keys.

The keys to our Boardingology strategy for 2020 is based on a set of EXEAT KEYS where boarding practitioners narrow their focus on what matters most, personally & professionally. A decade for change at the heart of boarding to empower practitioners at all levels to be , do and have what they want or need to move forward.

Expect to do a professional and personal audit

Xray your position both inside and out

Evaluate what is working and what you need

Actions for success developed one step at a time

Time block working on your future

Keep Empowering You Strategy

Boardingology aims

What are our aims?

No boarding practitioner left behind. Look at your community through different pairs of eyes - the family members you do not see, the staff or your family and friends and what they say.

With the current landscape in mental health and wellbeing, boarding schools around the world are preparing young people for the future at the expense of themselves. This has been going on for years, and it is time for change.

How will Boardingology achieve this?

You may not have heard of Boardingology, but  this concept has travelled the world and sections of this have been presented at Boarding Schools Associations in Australia, New Zealand and UK. Far and wide, Boardingology has opened the door to more for boarding staff career development and wellbeing while giving to charity to help young people access boarding who need it.

Our 20/20 vision is about seeing what is happening on the front line and putting in independent support for practitioners at all levels moving forward?

We are not blind to what needs to be done to help everyone move forward. By helping one boarding practitioner move forward, we improve the lives of everyone that works or lives with them.

So, what is Boardingology doing?

With a wide range of initiatives starting in Jan 2020, it is time to open the door to more opportunities to be well and happy in a boarding world.

Our courses only operate during the school holidays when your time is your own, unless a special request is made.

Small changes eventually add up to huge results. The door is open to boarding communities and associations around the world, but it is up to you whether you step in and join us.

MHFA Adult Training

( 2 day, 1 day and half day )

Subsidised MHFA Adult training to allow boarding practitioners to help each other on the front line.

It is about starting conversations to support our fellow practitioners.

Accredited Mental Wellbeing Training

Training for Boarding Managers in Schools and HR departments to support members of staff in need within legal expectations and guidelines.

Boarding staff who need support for wellbeing and have mental health issues can attend a course to develop their own WRAP or wellbeing plan.

Boarding YANA

The first ever personal development magazine for boarding staff.

An open network for boarding practitioners to stop, look and listen to what they need.

Books and resources to help you move forward in or out of boarding through Boardings Big Write.

Boarding Getaways

A space to grow and make your plan.

From a one day course to set you up for success or  a set of boarding retreats to help support wellbeing, career development and personal relationships.

Through working in boarding around the world, I have opened my eyes and listened to many different boarding practitioners.

Boardingology was born out of wanting to help practitioners like you move forward in a lifestyle choice many do not understand. My sabbatical is to help our global boarding community start strong in the next decade.

The door is open, and it is full of balloons that have been elephants in our community that we do not talk about.

They could also be the dreams of your boarding staff floating away because of their lifestyle choice and how they are managing. Or, each one could be one choice to take to float into a better future together.

Boarding in 2020

One person can help start the change, is that person you?

Join the Boardingology vision for 2020

Get involved and perform one act of kindness to help another practitioner move forward.

For any questions, support or if you just want to catch up, get in touch