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Big Exeat

It is time to put the ‘i’ back into your boarding world.

One person. One idea to make a difference to YOU.

You are building tomorrow for other people every day – it is now time for you.

"My vision is for us to have a giant boarding brew to help and support each other on the front line.
Are you in?
Are you ready for some Creativi- Tea with a slice of life?
Join us"

Tracy Shand, Author of Boardingology

What is it?

Boardings Big Exeat is the first ever 2 day personal development course for boarding staff. With speakers in different areas to help you get ahead, it is not about the house you are in. It is about getting your house in order to have the success you deserve. An exeat for big kids (yes, that is you retired teenager!) where you build tomorrow. To lead others, you need to lead yourself. Your time is now.

BBE Big Boarding ExeatWhat makes Boardings Big Exeat Special?

Sign in for success
Your success is based on how you act and react. It is about winning from within to close your knowledge doing gap from like minded boarding staff and other experts. Network with other like-minded individuals; people who want to be more, do more and impact more.

Sign out of stress
You have had time to reflect on the school year, now it is time to take action. Reduce your stress by maximising your learning and growth. Unlock the key to who you want to be by taking time to get to know yourself inside and out.

Give ‘minimum standards’; a new perspective.
You work to standards so your boarding is compliant and successful. So, what are your own personal minimum standards for success? Expose yourself to a wide range of ideas, topics and strategies, this is an event for the whole person. Don’t worry about your paperwork, we have a log for everyone to keep track of their learning.

Who is it for?

Boarding staff who want to put themselves at the top of the agenda.

When is it ?

31st July / 1 August 2018.

Reserve your seat at the Boarding Exeat Cafe Opening July 2017.

Describe it in 3 words.

Pioneering, needed, fun.

Are you ready to break free of boarding boundaries to unleash the real you?

If it is right for you, it is right for boarding. Think for a moment, you inspire how many young people to move forward everyday? You leading yourself better means added value for everyone in your care. Boardingology wants to give a voice to boarding talent so that we can get our personal houses in order to deal with the extra stress in the game of life. This opportunity is about YOU not good practice in a boarding world which makes it special as you get smart and stress free ways to become the best version of you.

Do you really want to be saying the same things next school year? If so, this opportunity is not for you.

It is about taking one day or two (out of 365) to help build your legacy while helping young people in need take the first steps in theirs.

What do I do now ?

This event can’t happen without you. I am launching a year in advance to make this happen. Every one of us has a gift that the boarding world needs, so why not line yourself up as a speaker or write an article to help others. Another crazy thought, headteacher book your staff in with a night away to invest in the front line that are building yours!

Others may be clueless but spending a day with all of us will give you the skills to succeed. Are you ready to create the life you want? What is the worst that can happen? Really, what have you got to lose?