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This is just the beginning. This is investing in your future.

Are you ready open the door to building tomorrow your way ?

Boardingology - coaching

Throughout your boarding career, you will encounter challenges and opportunities that affect your life.

If your boarding life does not take into account your basic ‘me – criteria’ – it is like closing your eyes, picking from a list and creating your daily life story one action at a time. A story that can be happy, a constant drama or have a stressful ending. Whatever the story, one thing is certain – your future is in your hands.

Do you actually know what your ‘me-criteria’ are?

If we are not working within our values, we may become unhappy. There is nothing worse than being in a career where you are unhappy as it affects the rest of your life. Many people still do this and never take the small steps to define who they are.

Your inner talk is driving what personal and professional doors open and close.  What you say to yourself drives your day to day life, and in turn your wellbeing and health. It is time to put ‘ human’ into your boarding equation and sign in for success.

Check the signing in book below of boarding practitioners who took a coaching exeat to help them move forward.

Boardingology - What did I learn

I have just been promoted and want to make the most of this opportunity.

Boardingology - What did I learn

I want to be a Head Of Boarding or Deputy head! How can I get there?

Boardingology - What did I learn

I have just had a disappointing appraisal and want a safe space to talk.

Boardingology - What did I learn

They have just told me ‘I don’t fit’ and have to leave at the end of term... Did not see that coming!

Boardingology - What did I learn

I work in an environment in which I have no trusted colleagues or mentors.

Boardingology - What did I learn

I want to balance my boarding and life priorities.

Boardingology - What did I learn

I know what I want to do next in my career, but I get stuck.

Boardingology - What did I learn

I just want to smile again at work – just smile! I feel I have lost my identity.

Boardingology - What did I learn

I need an external sounding board, a ‘reality check’ and maybe someone just to listen.

Boardingology - What did I learn

Coaching with the boardingologist can help you answer this and much much more.

We can take you from where you are now to where you want to be using the new EXEAT model for boarding practitioners.

We provide the safe independent space and the tools you need to take your boarding life  to the next level. We offer both online and face to face options. Invest in your development with us and watch your happiness grow.

Don’t look back – you are not going that way. It is time to help you grow into the new identity that you want for a great start in your new world.

A safe space, unlimited support and a change of conversation, packages are also available for transition times in your boarding world.

Boardingology - The Future

YANA - Right Start

Right start

The escape committee needs a new member. Well done! There is one in every school!

You got the job. It is time to manage your new opportunity your way. It is time to be the leader you know that you can be. You don’t have 90 days … the reality is 90 seconds !

YANA - Right Start

From here to maternity

Gone but not forgotten – a lot has happened since you welcomed the new addition to your family.

It is time to return to boarding school life after a long break and who would not be nervous!

Take time with us to work out the best ways to combine your professional responsibilities with your new amazing ones! An outside listening ear to help you prepare for success one step at a time.

YANA - Right Start

Your transition here

Are you in a time of transition in your boarding journey?

There are so many different ones in the game of life. You just want to get back to ‘normal’, but you may feel stuck.

Let’s find your way through together. Get in touch today, to define your tomorrow.

Practical support when you need it from start to finish

From CV advice, application letters and interview practice - we simply are a one stop shop for success.

Act now to move forward by making Contact today.