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Boarding and You

How is the relationship going?

It is time to deal with the what if’s, why’s and the why nots !

Being well in a Boarding world

Boarding success starts with you being well in a boarding world.

Working in boarding is a big part of who you are but when it goes wrong the stakes are high as you live at work. As a boarding practitioner, you have the futures of many others in your hands – so is it time for you to take some space to get back to the real you – a space to be well in your world ?

When the door is closed at the end of the day and you are alone... what picture describes how you feel at the end of the day?

You feel supported in your boarding world at all levels. You know that when things go wrong or right you have someone you can go to. You are growing with the organisation, listened to and every day you feel that you are making a difference. Tired - yes, have some good and days- yes; but following your path and confident to deal with change. No mega wobbles here...

You are too old, experienced or... for this...

You do not feel listened to or valued and it is time to do something about it, but you are not sure what and the risks may be too high.

Each day is groundhog day, and with each day you do not feel like the ‘you that you used to be’ – which is affecting relationships and your health... day by day you become a shadow of your former self.

Boardingology Time for change

I'm a House Parent

They say a picture says a thousand words... so it is time to leave it there!

What scenario describes you in your boarding world?

Are your ready to open a new door?

In 2009, I opened the door to coaching due to feeling very unhappy in my career and personal life, and have never looked back. It was through having this space, one hour a week away from the house, that I stepped back and got my house in order. As a boarding practitioner, I have lived all of these scenarios (…and many more) which have affected my wellbeing, personal life and how I felt about everything moving forward.

What I learned (some say the hard way!), is that you can not control what others do and say about you; but you can invest in yourself away from your busy boarding life to move forward to create a future that you want. I did, have never felt better and open new doors when they arise with confidence and a smile. I am not saying that everything is perfect, life happens – but my new mantra is to smile, wave and unleash the power of my wellness toolbox.

What did I learn about the power of opening doors?

Boardingology - What did I learn

Next time negativity from the past comes knocking, be too busy living life to answer the door.

Boardingology - What did I learn

Doors will open if you are bold enough to knock.

Boardingology - What did I learn

Open the doors for others

Boardingology - What did I learn

Old ways do not open new doors.

Boardingology - What did I learn

If it does not open, it is not your door. Sometimes this is hard to accept... but the new door is much better.

Boardingology - What did I learn

Take a deep breath, move the handle – step in, and keep moving forwards.. and do not look back – I am not going that way.

Are you ready to open a new door? A door to wellbeing, career success or just to sit back and let the old you come back.

What a difference a space makes - how are you going to use yours? Don’t learn the hard way, investing in yourself as a boarding practitioner is no longer a luxury, it is essential.

Your success is based on strong foundations by knowing yourself and leading yourself.

How can I help you today?


Happy in your boarding career?

Do you want to move in, move out or up? Your new door is waiting, it is time to get the right key!


Transitions are tough - especially when they are not your choice.

It is time to unlock your success as you open a new door in your life.


Wellbeing and being well are the same.

It is time to get the key to return to boarding your way. From your own WRAP to motivation, open the door to the real you.


Life always changes.

But you know deep in your heart something is not right! Let’s open a new door together.

What people are saying?

What people are saying?

"She was passionate about coaching and a pleasure to work with."


What people are saying?

"I am truly blown away by your kindness and generosity towards a stranger like me."

Boarding Practitioner, UK

What people are saying?

"There is amazing clarity now in the path I need to follow to pursues my next goal. Your expertise and presentations came at the right time for me. I am very grateful to you for empowering me to take that first step."

Boarding Practitioner, Australia

What people are saying?

"I opened the door to more wellbeing and feel like the ‘old me’."

Boarding Practitioner, China

What people are saying?

"Never knew that my passion for rugby with the right questions can help my future. Thank you. No more study scrums for me!"

IB Student, Korea

You have so much to offer the world!

Let’s start a conversation today as tomorrow is calling.