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You did open that door! Now, don’t let anyone burst your balloon!

Well, you opened that door! (No your boarders and staff did not play a prank on you). Thank you for embracing the Boardingology philosophy and I bet you were not expecting all those balloons to come at you!

So, what are you going to do now? Are you going to run around and put them all back, attempt to shut the door (good luck with that one !) or just let them go? Whatever action you take, I can be sure of one thing. You will have a big smile on your face as you think about it, will probably start playing with them and other people will join in. You are never too old to enjoy the power of a balloon and unleash the curious nature of a child.

Opening the door to balloons is similar to our life in boarding. You never know what you are going to open the door to when term is in. It is through using balloons that I started my work on Boardingology – you create the balloon and then your actions and reactions define if it will float up or burst!

Take a moment to imagine what opening a door to a set of balloons means to you in your boarding world?

Boarding Smart Spaces

Take a moment to imagine what opening a door to a set of balloons means to you in your boarding world?

Your Boarding world

Each problem floating away to give you space

Your Boarding world

The things you wish you had said/done

Your Boarding world

The potential you have floating away

Your Boarding world

Catch a balloon, catch something you need

Your Boarding world

Each negative thought floating away

Your Boarding world

The opportunities you had missed, because...

Your Boarding world

Your hidden skills coming to the front

Your Boarding world

Your meaning here...

If you are happy opening the door to more of the same, a Boardingology Smart Space is not for you

According to Winnie the Pooh...

"Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon’, but they also say a good mood is like a balloon… one little prick is all it takes to ruin it."

Moving swiftly on, it is time for you to be the change and open the door to strong foundations in your boarding world.

What is a boardingology smart space?

"By using my boarding smart spaces at different times of the year, I continue to build the house that I want, and will influence the future for you and boarding around the world. By supporting you to build strong foundations, you can be lifted up, happier and create the future that you want. Are you ready to open the door to more?"


We all need some extra space now and then – headspace, physical space or a space just to reflect and build, or just to be you before boarding starts again.

That is why I have launched Boardingology Smart Spaces, a unique offering of exeat courses and retreats that offer you the space and time to reflect on where you are now and give you the tools to gain greater insight into your personal and professional life.

In an increasingly busy boarding world, it is even more important that we make space in life to recognise and look after our own needs, both on a personal and professional level.

These courses are all about you- supporting your wellbeing, advancing your career to know and lead yourself. Boardingology is leading the way with this biggest ever front line investment in boarding, so how can we work together to help you move forward today.

Boarding Smart Spaces - together


Ever thought about the best way that you learn? We have.

That’s why we are taking your learning beyond the boarding walls to make the most important investment in the world – investing in yourself.

It is all here for you. Everyone and everything in your smart space share a single purpose: to give you the space, time and knowledge to get your house in order.


Boarding Smart Spaces - Virtual


It’s all here for you at the touch of a button, at whatever time you need anywhere in the world.

Life can get pretty busy in your boarding world so we offer spaces to study online with fellow boarding practitioners around the world.

From tailormade online courses to global webinars. It is time to move from What if? To yes, I can.


Boarding Smart Spaces - Just for you


It is time to embrace the power of now in your boarding world.

Now, it is a short word, but one with amazing potential. The potential for you to own your space to be, do and have what you want your world to be.

To push yourself even further forward, now is the time to work one to one to make the move to a better future. Let’s open the door together…