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Boardingology... investments for everyone.

Everyone is someone’s child

Everyone is someone's child. I believe that every young person is entitled to have a fair start in life - and, when they don’t it is up to us to see what we can do to help.

As a child they cannot determine the circumstances when they start life and how they adapt to these at a young age can determine both their happiness and success.

Simply Boarding devotes time, energy and money to causes that help both young people and adults move toward reaching their full potential.

From pro bono work, book royalties to children’s charities and conference speaking to inspire you community – we simply have it covered.

Everyone is someones child

Our projects so far...

Our projects so far...

Royalties to RNCF

Our projects so far...

Teaching English to migrant children

Our projects so far...

Probono coaching

Our projects so far...

Christmas for migrant children

Our projects so far...

Young Leaders Festival

Our projects so far...

Library in Cambodia

Our projects so far...

Aspire foundation mentor

Our projects so far...

Toastmasters Youth Leadership

Our projects so far...

Open University Volunteer



Making a difference one child at a time.

Tracy delivers keynote speeches that are new, fresh and unique to the theme of boarding today is building tomorrow.

It is time to...




A toastmaster in training, Tracy brings together the learning from her international boarding experience and combines this with her passion for both personal development and boarding.

What you can expect from Tracy

  • Entertaining, engaging and relevant content
  • Well researched content tailor made to your specific needs
  • No death by power point!
  • Professional and individual presentations with your audience in mind
  • A wonderful Scottish accent that will entrance the audience.. oh and some humour too.

Speeches can be tailored to the needs of the audience.

Here is a peek at some of her new titles.

Who are you boarding professional?

A humorous and insightful keynote about the power of individuality.

This house says: Is boarding well an oxymoron?

Which side are you on? Lets talk.

Boarding today is building tomorrow

From strategy to happiness – what are we building?

You have a choice boarding professional – in fact 5 choices!

Make the choices for personal happiness and success.

The game of boarding life

How to WOW – three questions to ask for ultimate boarding success.

GPS Your Career: Navigate your path to boarding career success

It’s time to plan your boarding career journey.

How you can help?

How you can help

From keynote speeches, coaching to one day courses, Boardingology makes a contribution from each to a children’s charity. Every year, I donate time as a volunteer to work with young people in need to give them the first step up to success.

If you are a charity that works with young people – get in touch, I would like to find a way forward to work with you.

If you are looking for a book, keynote, course or consultancy – read on knowing that when we work together you are making a choice to help young people in need.

Just get in touch! Let’s talk...

To find out the rates, please contact us online.

Each keynote gives an organisation the opportunity to donate to the children’s charities that I support. I look forward to working with you.