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Be the voice to say - how it has been done is done!

It is time to open big doors of wellbeing, support and career planning wide.

Boadingology - Lights out, dreams out

It is time to move from this, to this...

I'm a House parent, get me out of here!

To this...

Boarding Support

Be true to who you are

How do we do this?

One voice at a time. One voice for change can make a big impact.

Now, how are you going to use yours?

Staying silent does not work anymore. With the recent research in mental health and wellbeing, 1 in 4 adults at any one time, that means that 25% of our boarding staff community can be affected at any one time.

In turn, this affects our boarding teams, boarders and people who are important in our personal lives. Your journey as a boarding practitioner often has little support and I understand that.

Let me ask you this

Who is the one person in your professional life that is helping you move forward?

Who is giving you the support that you need to be the best version of yourself on the front line?

Sadly, many boarding practitioners like you would give the same answer – no one.

So, how it has always been done is DONE !

Having worked with boarding practitioners around the world independently, I hear stories that have made me very sad but very inspired. Sad to hear their story about how things have been for them, but I hold the upmost respect for them as they continue to get up and keep running their houses in the face of adversity. They came to me, a stranger to ask for help as no one was helping them in their boarding communities. Helping them to move forward has been an honour and privilege. Making tomorrow better for someone is one of the biggest acts of kindness you can give.  Boarding climate change needs to happen for all of us to be sustainable. It is time to create human boarding communities around the world.

How can you use your voice?

Join us in a Boarding Blether!

What is a boarding ‘blether’?

Forever Scottish, it is time to go back to my roots to help move boarding forward. A blether is about a conversation. A good blether can help us through a tough time, give us the confidence to overcome a hurdle or just put a smile on our face at the end of a long boarding day.

You blether with yourself everyday with your self talk, which is having a major impact on your thoughts.

Your thoughts drive your behaviour and daily life. So, whatever you do make them positive!

How can you use your voice?

Boardingolgy - Use your voice

Take part in a Boarding Blether either online or in your community.

Our monthly information pack will be sent to you to create a personal development opportunity like no other for your team or community.

Boardingolgy - Use your voice

Be involved in our yearly survey on boarding climate change and sustainability.

Every year, Boardingology surveys the boarding world for you to have your say on what is needed to stay well in your boarding world. A new set of personal development tools is created based on your feedback.

Boardingolgy - Use your voice

Take part in Boardings Big Write.

Twice a year, Boardingology hosts Boardings Big Write.

An opportunity for your story to be the voice to support another boarding practitioner. These will be published in Boarding Yana or together as a book to help everyone move forward.

This is your moment.

A time to invest in you both personally and professionally.

Are your ready to open the door to Boardingology.
Your future awaits!