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Described affectionately as a’chocoholic boardingpreneur’, Tracy is going back to basics to create the future boarding world.

In todays global climate, doors are closing and opening for you and your communities and there is only one sure investment-investing in yourself.

Through being coached in 2009, Tracy came to the realisation that the position she was working in was built on the wrong wall and it was time for change. Through coaching and being inspired by the stories of her boarders, she relocated to Asia to step into the shoes of where many of her boarders came from and she has never looked back.

Working from the grass roots of boarding to supporting setting up of new schools in Asia, she continues to have a portfolio career that works with her mission in mind.

Having seem many colleagues, including herself have both wellbeing and career management challenges, she tried to find knowledge to share and support everyone. There was none!

No books to help, so she wrote one – Boardingology (and her author journey continues... pretty good as a maths teacher!) but this was not enough. No courses, she has travelled and presented at boarding school associations around the world with her message including making boarding practitioners like you behave like kids by drawing round their hands!

She believes that your future is in your hands, so when the going gets tough in a boarding world – the tough get smart. Boarding smart – they get their houses in order by bridging the intention action gap in a space that works for them.

This is exactly what she did! Outside of her boarding working hours, she has trained as a life coach including Marshall Goldsmith Global Leaders of the Future certification.

With the current mental landscape in education, she is a Mental Health First Aid Trainer, consultant on the new Mental Health in Boarding Schools Award and from August 2020 a WRAP facilitator from the Copeland Centre in America to support boarding practitioners improve their wellbeing, crisis or not.

A regular contributor to independent education magazines and the first published author in boarding personal development, she continues to follow her mission to support you one step, one day at a time.

Tracy Shand - Boardingology

Tracy turned her wish list into a reality using boarding smart spaces and the power of coaching, and now it is time for you to join in.

It is time for you to open the door to more. Are you ready? You deserve more…

How can I help you?

More wellbeing


It is about boarding reset not inset.

How you feel everyday is about you?

But feelings drive behaviour.

More wellbeing


You build everyone elses, but what about you.

What do you want and need?

Can Boardingology help you…

More wellbeing


Connect with other boarding practitioners around the world and learn from each other.

More wellbeing


Personalised learning to help you move forward one question or action at a time.

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When boarders are home, it is time for you.

Be smart, put yourself at the top of the agenda.

More wellbeing


It takes one idea, and one action to build something unique, look what happened to me!!!??